Nike Women's Element Full-zip Running Fw18 Hoodie

Nike Women's Element Full-zip Running Fw18 Hoodie Review

How to Exercise : Do aerobic exercise

Take a walk or jog every day. Running and jogging are the best way to stay active, especially when you start exercising. You can walk for 15 minutes during lunch and then walk or jog for 15 minutes in your area after dinner. If you are older or have had many problems in the past, running on your knees, hips and ankles can be difficult. Respect the limits of your body and, if necessary, satisfy your progress.

Skip the belts within 5 to 15 minutes. More fun games for children, skipping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise. Take the belt and try to jump for 5 minutes. If you are not used to sports, it does not matter if you can just jump. If you have to stop, relax and breathe. Try to jump rope for a long time. You can add 30 seconds or a minute of your time every week until you can change it for at least 5 consecutive minutes.

Jump with jacks for 5 to 15 minutes. Stand on your legs and arms next to you. Then jump while moving your legs and put your hands above your head. Return to the starting position and repeat the process. Relax like a jump rope while you breathe and gradually try to increase the time you need to jump.

Take a bike ride. When you cycle for the first time, you ride in your neighborhood, on a local bike or in a park. First try pedaling around 4.8 km in 30 minutes and then gradually increase the speed and distance.

Swim in the pool or at your local gym. Swimming is a great workout for the entire body and can help improve various tasks. Try to swim for 20 minutes or as much as possible without breathing too much. It is good if you have to relax, especially if you are trained for the job. You can not only swim, but you can also do aqua gym or just run in the pool. It is a good choice for people with joint problems or obesity.

Try to walk when you are used to being active. Go through your neighborhood or search for a local or internal number. Try to walk 15 to 30 minutes at a time, but don't expect too much if you start to get more active.

Challenge yourself during training. The training interval consists of high and low intensity alternately and the best way to burn calories. Because they are activities with a high intensity, such as walking or walking, you must plan a training interval for your work if you exercise regularly. Try an excursion for a good basic storage session.

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