X-Bionic Women's Energizer MK2 Underwear

X-Bionic Women's Energizer MK2 Underwear Review

Running is a great way to stay fit and have fun - in fact it will be practically fashionable. However, it is important to do this with the right technology. You want to join the crowd, but do it right? Learn to stay strong and avoid injuries with this guide. Here are additional resources to start with.

How To Running : Run well

Enter the basic fitness. When you start from scratch, you shoot through the front door and get frustrated, angry and so sore at your first 10k that you'll never do it again. In other words, do not bite more than you can chew. If you start walking without previous exercise habits, you will probably get sore and stop before you start. The easiest way would be to go. But it can be anything - as long as you are physically active on a regular basis, your body will be able to cope with the upcoming sidewalk. Go for a walk, swim or dance. If it's cool, it's even better!

Get good sneakers. Some studies suggest that barefoot running causes less injury than running with running shoes, even the most extravagant ones. However, you are unlikely to go anywhere barefoot unless you are chasing a child or a dumpling that is going on unexpectedly. So look for a shoe that will allow you to walk barefoot. When you're ready to rock your feet (Vibrams), you have more power, but there are many minimalist sleeveless running shoes on your finger.

Heat. The last thing you want is a cinnamon bone, a pulled Achilles tendon, or some other change that can be avoided. Five or ten minutes before warming up. That does not mean to stretch. In fact, stretching from the top can hurt you! Instead, warm up your muscles by lifting, kicking, throwing, and doing similar exercises that stretch your muscles but also make them work. Save the episode after the race.

Keep your position relaxed. Make sure that your body is smooth and relaxed, but not bent. Try to relax your arms and shoulders and keep your back straight. Relax head and neck as well. Through the spine and the rest of the body, the tension is maintained, which can make you tired before you change.

Breathe deeply and deeply. The most important thing is that you breathe at a rate that ensures a steady supply of oxygen to your body. Instead of breathing in the chest, you should do abdominal exercises. Make an effort to fill the stomach with the diaphragm. You get more oxygen and your muscles (including the heart) become less tired.

Look into the future. Keep your head in a neutral position and do not look up or down. Look about 35 feet in front of you when you go over 400 meters. When you are on the treadmill, try not to look too deeply at your feet or the controls. This leads to tension in the back.

Learn how to move your hands. Keep your elbows near the body at an angle of about 90 degrees. Use an angle of 110 degrees over long distances (except during mining work). Turn each hand back and forth in time with the other leg. This ensures the momentum and prevents the body from twisting.

Keep your hips forward. Imagine you have a rope tied around your waist and someone pulls you gently forward. Avoid twisting or twisting next to each other.

Increase your term. Try to hit the ground about 185 times per minute. The easiest way to do that is to minimize the time your feet are on the floor. If you walk easily or run away from the crowd, it's up to you - just do not go fast enough to hurt yourself!

Decide how to land on your feet. Keep your feet under you while you run. Try to imitate him when you go to his actual race in the gym or on the track.

Cool and stretchy. Slowly strain before training and let it run for about 5 minutes. In this way, you can normalize the circulation and breathe after the race, minimizing the work of the heart.

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