Nike Women's Miler Long Sleeve Top

Nike Women's Miler Long Sleeve Top Review

How To Running : Sprint

Heat. If you walk on a slope, get out to walk and run. Brighten your body and mind in future sprints. As in the previous section, do not stretch now, then pull. Warm up your muscles and legs, not stretching them, but doing exercises like throws and lifting movements.

Run to the end. The length of your sprint depends on you. Do you want to do this remotely or on time? If you're going to train at a break (which is a good idea), hold it for about 30 seconds.

Run faster using your whole body. There are two ways to work faster: use your heart and use your hands. You can use your own body in your favor to save time.

Please, let go. After the sprints, relax and walk. Thanks to this you can return to normalize the oxygen level and prepare for the next sprint. If you feel pain, stop. It is your body that tells you not to do what you do. It's better to stop being okay now than stop now and not be okay after.

Drink water. If you need water between sprints, take small sips. Do not suck or swallow, even if it is tempting; Drinking too much water during a run can cause spasms. That said, it is very important to stay hydrated. If not, you may feel dizzy or even faint. If you do not drink water while running, drink before and after.

Fresh and elastic. Work carefully after the sprint to reduce spasms and shin splints. Make lighter versions of the exercises you did to warm up beyond stretching. Walk for about a minute on the treadmill. Your heart works to accelerate and decelerate your body, so moving from 60 to 0 is as difficult as going from 0 to 60. You are probably running for good health, so you better do it right!

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