Merrell Women's Freewheel Mesh Lace Low-Top Sneakers

Merrell Women's Freewheel Mesh Lace Low-Top Sneakers Review

How To Running : Go long distances

Get ready for your shoes. Make sure your sneakers are as close to your foot as possible, not too tight. You do not want to be distracted by bubbles in the middle of the race. The longer you go, the better your shoes will be. If you go every day, your shoes last 4 to 6 months. If your legs suddenly hurt, it's time to get a new pair. There are shoe shops that can create shoes. If you can afford it, you should buy shoes that fit your bow and uniform.

Carbohydrates. If you choose 10 thousand or more, carbohydrates are well tolerated a few days before. But you have to do it right! You do not want too much fiber, protein or fat. And it should be easy to digest to avoid nausea during the race! The phenomenon used by many serious riders is the beating of the syn (or Gu energy, if you want to use the brand name). In fact, these are sugars and carbohydrates in the form of a smear, although gum can accumulate. It replenishes the level of glucose in the blood and gives about 20 minutes after its use. Many swear by this.

Heat. Run slowly or slightly slower for 10 minutes and faster for 5 minutes. Then do the exercises. (Knees, kicks, high heels) It starts the blood circulation without consuming too much energy. The fact is that you are ready, and your pulse begins to grow. Also do basic exercises. Regardless of whether you run or run for a long time, the importance of warming remains unchanged.

Get up At the beginning of a long time you are ready and ready to go. They start like a bat from hell ... and get tired quickly. Instead of doing everything (as in a sprint), you run at a speed you can maintain. They will be much, much longer. You probably know what you are capable of. If you find that you are more and more able to become more and more during your workout, you will be fine. Each person has their own expectations and improvements. Find out what you have and try to get it.

Do not give up when you are tired. If you are tired, try focusing on a different goal, for example: Half a mile, or think about what you like when you're done. For starters, the goal is to run about 10 minutes. If you want to think about time, try measuring your miles or miles and reach a specific and temporary destination.

To be hydrated. It is extremely important to hydrate longer. If it takes more than 50 minutes on a hot day, stop using water. If you carry water while running, you only drink goals. Drinking water during a race leads to cramps. Or maybe you should pee! Keep the water cool if you can. The colder, the faster it integrates into the system.  Since you sweat a lot, it’s important that you get watered!

Take it easy. Return to the race at the end of the race and take a walk. Your pulse should be fast when you stop. When you stop beating the wall, your heart and muscles will stay awake and tremble. This is such an action that causes damage! But don't let it be part of the training. If you walk 30 minutes, run 30 minutes and let cool.

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