Romika Victoria 06, Women’s Hi-Top Slippers

Romika Victoria 06, Women’s Hi-Top Slippers Review

How To Running : Pace Yourself

Your long-term rhythm should be a slow pace that you can follow while running. You should run and talk at a slow pace for a long time.

Long runs mean more effort and just exceed the distance. If you think of a specific race and goal during a half marathon or marathon, you can start thinking about taking a few steps.

Aim one minute at 90 seconds slower than the expected pace. It is easy to do too much with training and to run often when you feel well. So you give everything you have in training and you have nothing to do with the race. It is better to go to the start with little dedication than to a maximum of 1% overtraining.


A long race can seem scary, but it can help if you mentally cross the distance.

Instead of telling you to run 15 km (say), say that it is 3 free 5 km or 2 x 7 km with 1 km more - use any combination that suits you best. It is also good to take a break in the long term! If you are within a 15 km radius and you feel that you have to walk every five kilometers or spend a few minutes, continue.

However, try to reduce interruptions during long walks as the level of fitness increases. It can also help you visualize your after-treatment to help you bridge the distance, whether it's the meal you expect, a glass of wine or just Netflix on the couch for the rest of the day.

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